“Everyday Battlers”

Initial Situation

The Bridgestone campaign “Chase Your Dream, No Matter What” wants to inspire people of all ages and abilities to never give up and chase their dreams – no matter what obstacles occur. That’s why Bridgestone ambassador Kristina Vogel is leading the team of “Everyday Battlers” – a group of 10 people who want to take on a special sporting challenge: They are training for their very first 10 km race of their lives – the “Bridgestone Great 10k” in Berlin.


The implementation of the campaign is divided into three steps:

  1. Tendering and application phase via Facebook and the homepage as well as placement in relevant target media: The call to apply was also shared on relevant media. 
  2. Selection and preparation phase: Selection and media presentation of the “Everyday Battlers” team with ambassador Kristina Vogel: 10 participants were selected from over 1,470 applicants, who were ideally suited for the emotional campaign and media distribution in print and online titles.
  3. Coverage of the campaign/participantsand the event in print and online media and on social media platforms.
    During the training and on the day of the event, the selected team was accompanied by media and presented in all relevant channels locally and nationally. Comprehensive reporting was launched for this purpose. In addition, editors as well as TV stations were invited to “Great10k” for a press conference and interviews.

The Results

More than 160 publications in relevant media were achieved nationwide during the pre- and follow-up reports. With the implementation of the campaign, PUNKT PR successfully reached more than 114 million contacts for Bridgestone.